there is no better sound than this sound man!

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Introducing the OKM technology made in Germany see with your ears and hear what you see

The OKM original head-microphone is a ball looking electret-microphone which comes with an enclosed A3 adapter. The combination of these two devices allows you excellent quality surround recordings.

The OKM-Microphone is exceptionally good for:
  • live-music recordings with outstanding spatial characteristics
  • high quality voice recordings – clip on microphone -
  • recordings using line-inputs – only with A3 adapter possible –
  • dubbing movies with 3D sound
  • a border-surface-microphone
  • Binaural recording will bring your listeners closer than you ever thought possible

Using the A3 adapter, you can plug the OKM original head-microphone directly into the line-in port of any analog or digital audio recorder, laptop or DSLR/video cam.
The OKM original head-microphone is a new and uniquely designed microphone, developed especially for mini recording systems and digital cameras. Its special design allows it to be used for the most diverse applications.
Application as an headset microphone
To create original headset-microphone recordings, position the microphone caps in your ears. The colored sides should be facing outwards (red = right ear, blue = left ear).
The microphones in your ears allows you to record things from your subjective perception of sound. When you replay your recording, especially using a headphone, you will experience an incredible 3D sound/space combination.

Binaural microphones in-ear microphones

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here.... for some excerpts of scientific research about Soundman mikes. They contain a lot of information about their functions and physical settings as well as about original headset stereo-recordings.

You can use our mikes in a lot of different ways.
CLICK HERE to get to know how the famous National Geographic Photographer John Stanmeyer uses our mikes!

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An interesting example of a recording with Soundman mikes
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A comparison OKM versus Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera built-in mike
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